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The Brand

our destination for stylish, comfortable and sustainable clothing and footwear that's perfect for any occasion. We believe that sportswear should be fun, comfortable, and accessible to everyone, without harming our planet.

At EtPic Wear, our journey began with a passion for providing athletes of all levels with comfortable, high-quality sportswear and footwear. Rooted in the Dominican Republic, our co-founder Mildre Feliz's story inspired us. From a struggle to find suitable running shoes to becoming an athlete, she envisioned a brand that would give back and provide resources to young athletes.


Our commitment to sustainability drives us. Our products are crafted from highly recyclable or recycled materials, reflecting our ethos. Solid colors, barely noticeable seams, and lightweight materials define our offerings, proving that "Simple is Better."


As we launch, we're excited about our future community partnerships. We're dedicated to supporting local recycling entities, amplifying the change we seek.


Join us in creating a movement that combines style and sustainability. Explore our collection, embrace your EtPic moment, and share it using #EtPicWear and #BeTheChange. Together, we're not just wearing sportswear – we're embodying positive change.


Thank you for choosing to be part of the CHANGE with EtPic Wear.

Welcome to EtPic Wear

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